Given that the virus situation seems to be bringing lots of questions up in every area of people’s lives, I thought it would be prudent to give you some information on how we can manage the situation together around your therapy.

Therapy Online

You don’t have to come into the centre and have therapy if you’re worried or if you’re self-isolating, you can have therapy via Zoom.  This applies to individual and couple sessions.

Zoom is like Skype and 100% confidential.  It’s easy to use and will work on your laptop, tablet or phone.

If you want to have therapy this way, please let me know by text (07966 390857) and email me too on  If you can tell me as early as possible it makes it easier for me to organise.

I will send you a zoom link via email which you just have to click on.  You may have to install zoom software on your device which is quick and easy to do.

Go to to find this.

If I’m the unfortunate one that ends up self-isolating, then I will let you know and offer you a session via zoom.  If I’m ill, I will tell you and cancel your session. If you have prepaid, I will refund you.

If you want to read more about working online please go to

We All Need To Take Responsibility

If you think you might be infected, please go for the zoom option, it might save me and everyone else who works with me that day a lot of stress.  I will also take responsibility if I feel ill and do the same.

If you wish to cancel your session, please remember the 3-day cancelation policy.  I’d really appreciate it if you can give me as much notice as you can. 

If you do need to cancel because you need to self – isolate but you’re past the cancelation point, ring me and let’s have a conversation about it.

Alas, I will no longer be shaking hands with anyone.  This saddens me and will be hard for me to remember to not do if I usually shake your hand, so you might have to remind me with that one.

Remember, this too shall pass,

Warmly, Ian

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