Counselling for Men

As a male therapist I have worked with many men, straight, bisexual and gay. Men's issues are an area I am particularly interested in and have researched in depth.

Why counselling for men?

Men have a different experience of the world to women.  We are given a completely different set of messages about who we should be and what "real men" behave like.

This can often be difficult to square with the reality of being just another human being doing their best.

Men's issues

It may be that you are unsure of how to proceed in a relationship, you’re getting overly angry with those you love or are feeling fed up and depressed.

You might be struggling with feelings of jealousy or have difficulty connecting with your feelings at all sometimes. You can learn what’s behind these issues and change your behaviour. That’s what therapy is all about.

How I work

I work in a pretty structured way, which often suits the way men think. I may, however, invite you to see how your boxes of experience are connected.

We will also talk about emotions, feelings and how they can lead to us behaving in a way that takes us away from what's important in life.

Sometimes it takes a man to understand a man

Sometimes it takes a man to understand a man.  This doesn't apply to all issues in life but occasionally it might be easier for you to just talk about your stuff knowing that I will "get it".

I've worked with men of all ages, professions, classes, races and sexualities and acknowledge that we are not defined by our gender and we don't all have the same experiences.

There are common themes when working with men however, such as childhood experiences, relationships with fathers and messages we get around emotions and how to "be" in the world.

Psychotherapy in Cheadle

If you are interested in having psychotherapy and counselling with a male therapist and you are in the South Manchester, Cheadle or Didsbury area then just give me a ring on 07966 390857.

We can have a chat about what's going on for you over the phone and if you are comfortable, book you in for an appointment.

You could also connect me by using my contact form here.