Individual Contract


Confidentiality: I agree not to divulge any information about you, including whether you have had an appointment with me unless I receive your consent with the following exceptions:

  • I reserve the right to break confidentiality if instructed to by a court of law.
  • I reserve the right to break confidentiality if I believe that you are going to cause physical harm to another individual.
  • I reserve the right to break confidentiality if I believe you are going to physically harm yourself.

I will be discussing your case with other psychotherapists and supervisor during my supervision group. This is required by the rules of my regulatory body (UKCP) and is beneficial to both client and therapist.


You agree not to come to any session while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

Attendance and punctuality:

You agree to turn up on time to each session and understand that if you are late then the agreed finishing time of the session still stands.

The therapy process works best if you commit to it. It’s likely that as we work together the therapy will stir up old issues and it might at times look like we are going backward when we are really going forward.

It’s like exercise, sometimes things that are good for us hurt a bit.

You understand that your therapy will be weekly and I do not offer fortnightly or less frequent sessions.  This gives us the best chance of changing your life in the way that you want without large gaps getting in the way.

I would ask you to give me at least 72 hours notice if you can’t make your appointment. If you give me less than 72 hours notice I will charge you the full fee.

What this looks like is:

Tuesday Saturday before
Wednesday Sunday Before
Thursday Monday Before
Friday Tuesday Before


I charge £80 per session, which you agree to pay before the session via BACs (I will supply you the bank information before our first session).  If you pay after the session a £5 admin fee is added to cover costs of invoicing.

Individual contract

  • I agree to the conditions set out above.

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