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Does Couples Counselling Work?

Does couples counselling work?

If your relationship is struggling it would make sense for you to wonder does couples counselling work? Couples counselling is not cheap, requires you to find a good couples therapist and then make time for the sessions – all demanding. So does couples counselling work? “Yes” and also “No” well actually it’s “It depends” Confusing? …

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Why I Trained In Couples Counselling

If you are finding life with your partner difficult and need someone to offer support then I have trained specifically to work with couples.  You may ask yourself why I mention this.  Surely all therapists are trained to work with couples? Sadly not. I offer couples counselling in Wilmslow, Cheshire.  What I notice about many therapists…

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How To Do Couples Counselling

If you are thinking of having couples counselling and are not sure what to expect here are a few pointers. I work as a couples therapist using Imago Relationship Therapy in my psychotherapy practice in Wilmslow so know a thing or two when it comes to couples therapy. Couples counselling can be challenging Be prepared to do…

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Do I Have An Anger Problem?

Anger is just another emotion along with happiness, sadness, fear and anxiety.  So how do you answer the question “do I have an anger problem?” I work with clients who have anger problems frequently.  The people I see in my counselling practice in Wilmslow are mostly men who are finding the behaviour that they carry…

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