The Pathway To Certification In Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy Training Full Pathway

Want to find out about Imago Relationship Therapy but not sure if you want to do the whole training?

You can take your time and learn at your own pace.

Start Small

Start by watching my 2 hour video on "How To Use Imago Relationship Therapy To Transform Relationships" and build from there.

Each training builds on the next.  You don't have to commit to the whole process unless you want to.

Know Imago is for you and want to go all in? There is a discount available if you pay for the full twelve day program in one go, just contact me by clicking here and we can sort this out.

What People Have Said About The Course

"This is by far the best training course I have been on.

As a trainer, Ian is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Imago Relationship Therapy.

I would say to anyone looking to become a couples therapist, train in Imago, and train with Ian....both are bloody brilliant!"

Vicky Ashraf


"I would highly recommend training with Ian. I really felt at ease and supported throughout.

Ian has a great way of making the content accesible.

Training in Imago has been really enjoyable and has had a big impact on my individual client work.  It's given me the confidence I needed to work with couples."

Nicola Smith


"I enjoyed the experiential learning, the triad practice and role-playing.

I also really liked the demos and videos from Ian, showing his work to us.

The course is intensive but it means that it was thoroughly delivered and there was great learning from it."

Anh Huntington


"I loved the openness, humour, support, cheerleading and hospitality Ian offered to the group, and the facilitation and delivery of the whole course was so engaging, interesting and insightful.

I have already started working with couples using Imago and I am thoroughly enjoying my transition into this exciting area."

Vicky Ashraf



If you decide you want to train as an Imago Relationship Therapist then one requirement for certification is to attend a "Getting The Love You Want" or "Finding and Keeping Love" workshop.

You can do this at any time in your training, but you are encouraged to do it as early as possible because the workshop will teach you the basic concepts of Imago Relationship Therapy and give you a good understanding of the Imago Dialogue Process.


  • Jun 28, 2021

    Imago Foundations (Days 1-2)

    Watched the two hour introduction video and want more?  

    The first two days of the training and will give you a grounding in the basics of Imago Relationship Therapy, including teaching you the dialogue process.

    Click here for more information.

  • Jun 28, 2021

    Clinical Skills 1 (Days 3-7)

    The Imago Clinical Skills 1 is the next 5 days of the training course.

    You will learn how to deepen the Imago Dialogue Process, get better at holding the couple in dialogue and gain a deeper understanding of Imago Theory.

    Read more about Clinical Skills 1 here.

  • Jun 28, 2021

    Clinical Skills 2 (Days 8-12)

    In this final block of training you will learn advanced Imago techniques. This includes working with anger, dealing with affairs. You will be given feedback and supervision on the work you have done so far with couples.

    At this point you will feel far more confident and potent when a couple walks through your door. You will know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    Read about Clinical Skills 2 here.

  • Jun 28, 2021

    Imago Certification Process

    You've done the training, now get certified.  

    Six months supervision and feedback on your work and a final video submission can result in you becoming a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.

    Read the full requirements for certification here.

Dates and Costs

Imago Foundations Course DatesCostMore Information
22nd and 23rd April 2024£330

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1st and 2nd July 2024£330

Click here for more information

28th and 29th October 2024£330

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Clinical Skills 1 Course DatesCostMore Information
3rd - 7th February 2025£850

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Clinical Skills 2 Course DatesCostMore Information
3rd - 7th June 2024£750More information & booking form
12th -16th May 2025£850More information & booking form