Imago Foundations - Getting Started With Couples Therapy

Imago Foundations Days 1-2

If you want to learn to work with couples but are unsure of where to start, the "Getting Started With Imago Relationship Therapy" couples therapy training course is for you.

The Imago Foundations Course is a two day training course for counsellors and therapists who want to learn the basic theory and clinical skills of Imago Relationship Therapy.

What People Have Said About The Course

"This course has surpassed my expectations and given me confidence to teach my clients to dialogue"

Jane Vujasin


"Ian is extremely knowledgeable and the balance between theory and skills practise was spot on"

Jenny Hudson


"I couldn't imagine I would be another person in only 2 days of training.  It changed my view of working with clients and has impacted my personal life."

Benham Abdevand


"Ian is a vibrant, passionate trainer who I was inspired by.  It felt safe and exciting all the way through - thank you!"

Louise Hubin


"The course provided me with a new way of seeing individual as well as couples counselling - thank you!"

Jenny Hudson


"The training was useful, interesting and insightful.  I look forward to doing further training"

Theresa Donaghue


"I found the course very high quality and extremely good value for money"

Kerry Thorpe


"The 2 day course has changed my perspective on working with individuals.  I'm going to work with my individual clients from the relational perspective"

Benham Abdevand


"This material has given me a real sense of the value of Imago in couples therapy"

Rachel Morris


"This course is excellent, the perfect amount of theory and practical skills to reinforce what we had learnt.  I left feeling very inspired!"

Shannon Merchant


"Ian is a very good trainer and I felt able to express myself safely"

Victoria Laverty


"I have really enjoyed the 2 day course and gained a good insight of how Imago is used in therapy.  I'm looking forwads to doing more!"

Catherine Fisher


"Wonderful!  Thank you, I really enjoyed your course and your style of delivery."

Jo Beckett


"The facts are fed in bite size chunks so you don’t get bogged down and the practical really helps you feel confident in delivering the couples counselling yourself."

Sarah Lewis


Imago Relationship Therapy is a couples therapy based on a relational paradigm, that is, human beings need to be connected to others in order to exist joyfully.

Getting stuck in our primary partnerships is normal and is just an indication that growth needs to happen.

Imago Relationship Therapy provides a theory of why we get stuck in relationships and a mechanism to help move towards closer connection. This mechanism is called the Imago Dialogue Process.

Why use Imago Relationship Therapy with your couples?  Watch the video I made about that here.

You need to at least be in training as a counsellor or therapist. If you're unsure please just give me a shout using my contact form.

The Foundation course is designed to get you started with working with couples. It counts as two days of the twelve day training that you will need if you want to become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.

To see the full requirements for becoming a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, click here.

Once you have completed the Foundation course in Imago Relationship Therapy you can progress by completing the Clinical Skills Training part 1.

Day 1

  • What is Imago Relationship Therapy?
  • The basic principles of Imago Relationship Therapy.
  • The Relational Paradigm, what it is and why it's important.
  • Skills practise - The Imago Dialogue Process.

Day 2

  • The 4 journeys of self.
  • The first session - what to do when a couple arrives for therapy the first time.
  • Skills practise - The full Imago Dialogue Process.

The fee is £330 for the 2 day training.

The training is face to face and takes place at The Affinity Centre.

The Affinity Centre
7A High Street

The training will run from 9.30am - 4.30pm on the following dates:

Imago Foundations Course DatesCostMore Information
22nd and 23rd April 2024£330

Click here for more information

1st and 2nd July 2024£330

Click here for more information

28th and 29th October 2024£330

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