What Makes Imago Relationship Therapy A Great Way Of Working With Couples?

Are you thinking about training as a couples counsellor but you’re unsure of what course to take?

In this post I’ll explore why Imago Relationship Therapy might be the perfect way of working for you.

I’ve been an Imago Relationship Therapist for over a decade so let me tell you why Imago is the best way I know of working with couples.

It Works!

I’m not sure if there is a more important point than this one. Harville Hendrix puts it this way:

I think for an individual therapist, Imago is no longer throwing mud against the wall and seeing if it helps couples. If you do it, you will help couples.”

Harville Hendrix

Ive seen the truth of this statement over and over in the therapy room. When couples engage with Imago Relationship Therapy it changes their relationship fundamentally and for the better.

It’s an amazing to watch and moving to be a part of.

When I first started practicing Imago there would be times when I would feel unsure of the Imago process and slip back into my old more traditional ways of doing my couples work.

What I quickly noticed is when I did that things in the therapy room got worse and I became less useful to the couple as a therapist. It was the kick up the arse I needed each time to remind myself to use Imago and the dialogue process if I wanted to be effective.

Imago Relationship Therapy Is Tried & Tested Internationally

Imago Relationship therapy is a recognised modality across the world. There are thousands of therapists from every continent using Imago to to help couples connect.

For over thirty years Imago Therapists have been using dialogue to support couples and feeding back to the training institute what works and what could be done differently.

You could say the model has been tested rigorously in the field, so you are not going to be learning something that’s been put together adhoc.

Imago has been around the block and proven itself effective with every culture and every type of couple.

The Structure Of Imago Provides Safety, Both For The Couple & The Couples Counsellor

Imago Relationship Therapy has the Imago dialogue process at it’s core. This is a very structured way of talking that promotes whole brain thinking and safety in the therapy room. (click here to learn how to dialogue).

It’s through the dialogue process that the couple get connected.

The great thing about the dialogue process for the therapist is that it’s predictable for you too. You can relax into the session and focus on your role, helping the couple stay in connection whilst dialoguing.

You know what you’re doing, they know what they’re doing, everyone can relax and the work brings the couple closer.

The Training Teaches The “Why” & The “How”

From a training perspective, I love that Imago Clinical training teaches you both the “why” and the “how”.

You will not just receive a big chunk of theory and be left to work out how you will apply that theory to the arguing couple sat on your couch. You will be taken through how to use Imago Dialogue with couples and then you’ll practise and practise until you feel you know what you’re doing.

Then between modules you will work with couples and bring that learning back to the training to build on your knowledge.

Then, you’ll practise some more.

By the time you’ve finished the three modules you will have a clear understanding of how to deepen your work and manage difficult situations that arise in the therapy room.

By the time you qualify you will feel confident and potent in your work with couples – sound good?

Imago Relationship Therapy offers a great way to work with couples. It’s not the only way, but if you train in Imago Relationship Therapy, you will know what you’re doing and never have that sinking feeling when you see a couple in your diary again.

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