Therapist Developmental Group

Therapist Development Group

If you are a therapist looking for a space to develop your thoughts around your business and how it all goes together, the Therapist Development Group may be able to help.

The group meets one day every six weeks to help and support you to become the best therapist you can be.

The focus of this supervision group is to help you develop your practice and become successful and fulfilled practitioner.

The Training Is Just The Start

Training as a psychotherapist or counsellor is just the start of a long and, at times, challenging journey.

Many therapists complete their training and leave their training institute only to realise that they have no practical knowledge of how to run a business.  They have no idea of what to do with all of the freedom that being a self employed therapist offers.

I see therapists both new and more experienced get stuck in the same places over and over again.

This supervision group is set up to help you out of the confusion you may feel.

Paying Attention To Each Stage

  • Nail The Basics

    How do you sort out your website?

    Who do you want to work with?

    How do you attract clients?

    Who are you as a therapist?

  • Development of Theory

    What theory are you interested in?

    Is there theory you just don't get?

    How does it all link together?

  • Next Steps

    Where do you want to go?

    Should you specialise?

    What qualifications do you need?

    What's holding you back?

How The Supervision Group Works

The Therapist Development Group is a closed supervision group.  If you decide to join you will be commiting  to coming to each session.

This is essential to ensure continuity and safety in the group.

The sessions will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm with an hour for lunch around 12.30pm on the following Mondays in 2023:

  • 13th February
  • 3rd April
  • 22nd May
  • 17th July
  • 25th September
  • 20th November

There will be 6 places in the group.  You will have 45 minutes each session to choose an area you want to work on and you will receive input from me and from the group during this time.

This time can be spent however you like.  You might want to talk about how to get more traffic to your website, or do some work around why you are procrastinating around a certain task.  Whatever it is, we will explore it together in a safe and positive way culminating in an outcome that you can take away with you.

At the end of your time you will make a commitment to one action that is going to move your practice on.  Next session, the first thing we will do is check completion of this task, or what got in the way of you doing it.

I'm hoping that this format helps all group members become accountable and build their businesses effectively.

Laying strong foundations and doing the right action in the right sequence can really help therapists thrive and grow.

Working Together

Being a therapist can be a lonely, isolating job.  The group can be a supportive and affirming presence in your development as a therapist.

If you decide to join this supervision group you are committing to attending sessions, bringing something to share and contributing when others are exploring their issues.

There's something very normalising about being part of a group of like minded people.  You get to see that you're not the only one struggling with a particular issue and each subject that's brought by another gives you an amazing opportunity to learn and grow your own practice.


The group will cost £150 per day.

This will be charged at £200 for an initial deposit and then £70 a month for 10 months - February to November.

Remember you are committing to coming to, and paying for, every session so if you can't come because of illness or other circumstance you will still need to pay for that session.

This is a face to face group running at 

The Affinity Centre

7A High Street



Sometimes we get ill, or there may be times when we just can't make an appointment but I would ask you to commit to attending every meeting of the group if at all possible.

There are limited places in the group and I want you to all work together and support each other in your development - it's going to be a key feature of the experience.

Alas - the group is currently full, but please contact me through my contact form and I will put your name on the waiting list.

This is not a group aimed at supervision of client work.  

Joining this Therapist Developmental Group might free your time up in regular supervision to focus on client work.

In this group you get to process thoughts and ideas around how you run your business and who you are as a therapist.  You could also explore your understanding of theory in connection with the work you are doing with your clients.

Attendance of the group will count as 1 hour of supervision and 5 hours of CPD.  Certificates of attendance can be requested at the end of the 6 sessions.