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Couples counselling

How To Do Couples Counselling

couples counselling Cheadle

If you are thinking of having couples counselling and are not sure what to expect here are a few pointers. I work as a couples therapist using Imago Relationship Therapy in my psychotherapy practice in Wilmslow so know a thing or two when it comes to couples therapy. Couples counselling can be challenging Be prepared to do…

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How To Really Talk To Your Partner About Important Stuff

If you are looking for Relationship Counselling in Manchester, you are probably struggling communication with your partner. There are several things that everyone wants in their relationship.  They want to be heard, understood and validated.  They want their partner to know what’s going on for them and “get it”. Many couples that come to my marriage…

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Who’s Breaking Bad Mike In Your Relationship?

Have you ever stood back from your relationship and looked for patterns? Try it now.  Notice if you spot any familiar positions you and your partner take. One position that may not be immediately obvious is the one around disappointment. Chances are that one of you is Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmantraut pretty much all the…

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Marriage Counselling Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for ‘marriage counselling near me’ then you probably have a tonne of questions about how marriage counselling works. As a marriage counsellor in Cheadle, lots of people ring up and ask questions about marriage counselling. Here are the most frequently asked questions and my most commonly given answers. Does couples counselling…

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7 Ways To Make Your Marriage Work Better

You may be looking for a Relationship Therapist in Cheadle because the connection to your partner is strained. You may need guidance on how to talk to each other in a way that increases safety and reduces conflict. It makes sense that you are struggling, most relationships have difficult times during their history. In this…

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