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Self care

Why You Need A Budget And How To Get One

Are you struggling to stay within your means financially?  Do you find that you overspend but don’t even realise you are doing it? You may think that talking about financial issues on a counselling and psychotherapy website is a bit odd but many of the clients who come to my therapy centre in Wilmslow talk…

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How To Get More Sleep

One of the problems people with anxiety or depression often struggle with is getting to sleep.   When clients who come to my therapy practice in Cheadle with this issue here are the suggestions I give to them: Put a routine in place Do the same thing every day.  This way your body will get…

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Defusion. How To Deal With Difficult Thoughts.

Ever got stuck in thoughts?  Had a thought going round and round in your head that’s driven you bonkers? Humans are a rare animal indeed.  We have language.  Language is an amazing tool and has allowed us to dominate the planet. The downside of language though is that we get stuck in it sometimes, a…

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How To Prevent A Panic Attack

Are you experiencing anxiety?  Do you find that things start to spiral and you end up having a panic attack? Panic attacks are a common behaviour for people with anxiety and build up to almost mythical levels of dread for many of the clients I see in my therapy centre in Wilmslow, Cheshire. A few…

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When Depression Bites – PLEASE yourself

Counselling For Depression In Cheadle If you are struggling with depression, or any other mood altering condition like anxiety or stress, it’s really easy to get caught up in your thoughts and neglect yourself. I offer counselling for depression in Cheadle. When working with clients I will invite them to click in to PLEASE yourself…

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