Clinical Training Installment Contract

You can pay for your Clinical Skills Training Part 1 and Part 2 through installments.  Please read the conditions that apply to paying this way and sign below.

(Choose one)
I understand that a payment plan has to work for both of us so agree to abide by the following conditions (tick all boxes):
I understand that there is a £35 admin fee to pay by installments. This covers the cost of book keeping services used to invoice and manage payments.(Required)
I understand that if, for any reason, I cannot attend the training I am paying for, I will not be entitled to transfer to another course.(Required)
I understand that any payments I make on the installment plan are non-refundable.(Required)
I agree to pay for for my place on the course I have enrolled on in full before the start of the course.(Required)
I understand that there is a £235 non-refundable deposit (which includes the admin fee) to pay by installments. Once this is paid I will agree on a monthly payment plan to cover the remaining balance.(Required)