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7 Ways To Make Your Marriage Work Better

By Ian Tomlinson

You may be looking for a Relationship Therapist in Cheadle because the connection to your partner is strained. You may need guidance on how to talk to each other in a way that increases safety and reduces conflict. It makes sense that you are struggling, most relationships have difficult times during their history. In this post I will discuss some things you can do to bring back the joy into your relationship. No Manual Provided For Your Marriage Think about the most important things you do in life.   In most of them such and work, hobbies, driving, and academic…

Anger Management: Lies You May Be Telling Yourself

By Ian Tomlinson

Anger Management In Cheadle Having offered Anger Management in Cheadle for many years now I’ve noticed there’s a lot of nonsense talked about anger, and many of the myths can perpetuate the problems anger creates.   Here are five stories you might be telling yourself about your anger that  point out are just not true. Lie 1: Being angry and aggressive is instinctual to all animals Er, nope.  Anger does serve a purpose when we need to defend ourselves but look at other animals. They only get aggressive when they are trying to stay alive and feel threatened or are…

Acceptance And Commitment Therapy Explained On A Postage Stamp

By Ian Tomlinson

In my counselling practice in Cheadle, Cheshire I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with many of my clients. Why?  It works! In this post I will introduce you to the main concepts and explain how you can use them to move yourself towards a richer, more fulfilling life. Can you write small? If so you could probably explain ACT on the back of a postage stamp. (I have big scruffy handwriting so don’t ask me to do this!) Accept difficult thoughts and feelings Connect with what’s important in your life (your values) Take action towards your values There –…

5 Facts You Need To Know About Anxiety

By Ian Tomlinson

Fact 1:  I offer Counselling For Anxiety In Cheadle – It’s the most common issue that comes through the door. Yup.  Anxiety beats all other issues into a cocked hat for popularity (or should that be unpopularity?)!   On average half of the clients that I am working with will be dealing with anxiety. So if you’re experiencing anxiety then rest assured you are in very good company. Fact 2:  The word “anxious” comes from the latin word meaning “choke”. Having anxiety often comes with physical sensations.   You might feel tight chested; find it difficult to swallow; get butterflies…

This Is Water – Noticing

By Ian Tomlinson

The video* of David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech starts with the tail of two young fish swimming along when an older fish swimming in the other direction says “morning boys, how’s the water?”.   The younger fish look confused and one says to the other “what the hell is water?”. Sometimes I get to be the older, wiser fish and sometimes I’m one of the young ones.   This is water is about all of us It takes me real conscious effort to see the water and occasionally when things are going wrong and I’m feeling anxious or scared I don’t see…


By Ian Tomlinson

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How Transactional Analysis Can Help Teachers

By Ian Tomlinson

If you attended the lecture I gave at Edge Hill University on four ways in which TA can help you understand relationships in the classroom then you can download the presentation by clicking the image below.  Any feedback or comments would be gratefully received. Just write in the comments section underneath the post. Keep up to date with my courses and blog posts! Join my newsletter and never miss a post! Subscribe

Two Books That Can Change Your Brain

By Ian Tomlinson

Our brains are powerful things. They tell us all sorts of stuff and most of it is not true.   A great example of this is when I drive to my home town of Lincoln from Manchester.  In order to do this I have to drive down the A15. If you’ve never experienced the A15 it’s one of those roads that goes on for miles and; this being Lincolnshire, is often backed up with tractors and slow moving vehicles.  This results in many people getting frustrated and overtaking dangerously.   As a result the road has chalked up a huge…

great counselling and psychotherapy blogs

Great Psychotherapy And Counselling Blogs

By Ian Tomlinson

Are you interested in psychotherapy and counselling?  Do you like to read what other therapists have to say?  You can learn a lot from other therapists and be entertained by them too (hopefully). Let’s track those goodies down I’ve constructed a list of some of my favourite therapy blogs.  This is just the start of a list  and I’m hoping that you will add to my list and tell me about any great therapists or counsellors that I have missed.  What do you think to the blogs that I have chosen? What do you think to my list?  Incomplete?  Utter…

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